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ROBO 2.0 Movie Review 2018

Its all up. Lyca productions  finally launched the Film Robo 2.0 which is a sequel of Robot 2010. Our curiosity is ended now. 

Robo 2.0 


Well, the word “amazing” is not suitable for this movie and not even “awsome”. it is beyond the “awsome”..

The Robo 2.0 is is full of action. The film story is based upon a social message and it gives more value to it.

Robo 2.0 Story and Starting.

We all know that Robot (2010) film has a very heart touching ending, Govt banned the chitti because they assumed that it was to advanced for those. 

But the Robo 2.0 is totally different from it. In trailer, the mobiles phones started floating in the sky and gathering together to make an evil type body. This evil none other than Pakshi Raju which is performed by Akshay Kumar. The Govt has no idea why should it happens??

Why Pakshi Raju Attacks?

Pakshi Raju is a body which gives message to public that how they kill birds by using their mobile phones. Pakshi Raju is against everyone who is using or promoting mobile phones. 

After the attack by Pakshi Raju govt try to resolve it using army but nothing changed. Finally govt calls Dr. Vaseegaran which is performed by Rajanikant. They request to Dr. Vaseegaran to bring Chitti back and fight with Pakshi Raju, which totally different from Robot film.

But this time chitti is not able to fight with Pakshi Raju because of insufficient powers. 

Here the next Turning point comes where chitti upgrades. It is done by the vennela Which is performed by the Amy Jackson. Vennela is Dr. Vasi’ s personal robo and she makes able to make  chitti’s 2.0 reloaded version. 

Well you might be very exciting for this film. Enjoy the full story in theaters.

Robo 2.0 is awsome creation of S. Shankar.

Robo 2.0 cast and Background Information.

We all love the Robo 2.0 but who are the players behind it???

Well, here is the answer.

The Robo 2.0 is the Indian 3D science fiction-action film which is directed, screenplayed & story by  S. Shankar.

Robo 2.0 is produced by A. Subaskaran. It is co-written by S. Shankar and B. Jeyamohan.

Robo 2.0 is featuring with Rajanikant, Akshay kumar & Amy Jackson.

The man behind music of Robo 2.0 is A.R. Rahman.

The cinematography is done by Nirav Shah and Edited by Anthony.

Film is Produced by Lyca Productions and the budget for this film is approximately 550 crore ($76 million) which is highest budget ever in bollywood history.

Robo 2.0 – viewers Reactions.

Viewers was trying to draw a conclusion about this film based on trailer. As in trailer the movie doesn’t create interest about film. But the actual film is totally mind blowing.

Here a thought came to my mind that “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. S.shankar is proved it in film. The VFX effects is speechless. The overall teamwork of player on camera and behind camera will create a proud movements for viewers.